Actual problem –real solution

The name of premature ejaculation comes from the actual problem- very fast ejaculation either prior to starting sexual activity or ejaculating with a little stimulation.

This is the most common type sexual issues experienced by young men. Still there are lots of men who cannot overcome the problem in their mature age and experience premature ejaculation during their life. Of course, it is not normal for a healthy man to face the issues when he does not perform longer than 2 minutes (in severe cases the time of erection can be even shorter – less than 1 minute).

With all the efforts and exercises, men, who suffer from really serious premature ejaculation, cannot significantly prolong the time before ejaculating. They need medical treatment which basically involves using special medication created to stop early ejaculations. Nowadays there is only one recommended medication for this problem. It is called Priligy and it contains Dapoxetine.

Priligy is not approved by the FDA, but is widely used in European countries and is suggested by many experts like the best available treatment for men who cannot control their overstimulated body.

Younger men with premature ejaculation should seek treatment to get better self-control over their ejaculations. It is very important to resolve this health issue at the younger age. In some men with acquired or life-long premature ejaculation, the treatment with medical tools is required for a long term or even during their life.

Sexual activity impaired by ejaculation problem can break the relationships and marriages.Treatment and coping from premature ejaculation should be an absolutely necessary procedure for all men with this unpleasant sexual health disorder.

Some behavioral therapies and exercises are proven to be beneficial if the reasons for premature ejaculation are psychological. They help to stop the urge to ejaculate, but in most cases men need medical support and Priligy can give a helping hand for most of men.

Delaying the ejaculation urge requires changes certain chemicals in brain which produce overstimulation. Only with a doctor’s approval a man with premature ejaculation should use Priligy. The medicine changes the brain chemicals, produces the so-called side effects of antidepressants – delay in ejaculations. For men with premature ejaculation this side effect of Dapoxetine antidepressant is very beneficial – they can prolong their sexual activity on the average for longer than 30 minutes.

Medication treatment helps sustain erections and satisfy the partner. Men with the problem of premature ejaculation should ask their doctors about possible treatments and Priligy use.

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