Can stress cause Premature Ejaculation?

Stress is responsible for many changes in the human organism. Generally the normal level of stress works well for our body. But when it becomes persistent? Scientists think that stress may be directly associated with such sexual conditions like premature ejaculation. Stress causes everyday worries and brings a lot of unpleasant things to a person under stress: anxiety, pain and fears.

Stress causes emotional ups and downs, and contributes to many physical conditions such as fatigue, weakness, drowsiness and problems in sexual functioning like low sexual desire or premature ejaculation.
At times, stressful situations can leave a deep trace in the soul of a person and cause shock. The same effect of upheaval may be caused by persistent stresses.
All this makes changes in brain chemistry and affects hormone and nervous systems that put the whole body in alarm status. The negative influence of stress comes in the form of sexual dysfunction -premature ejaculation, low libido and erectile problems.

Stress triggers sexual problems in men by overstimulation the sympathetic nerves and producing the effect of misbalance of the hormones. The sympathetic nerves answer for a man’s need to ejaculate. Stress often leads to the conditions when the sympathetic nerves are too excited and overworked. A man gets aroused with having an uncontrollable stimulus to ejaculate earlier than normal.

The right solution for men in whom stress induced PE is to diminish stress and try to avoid stressors.

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