Eliminate your stress level to perform well in bed

Stress causes a variety of sexual problems including early ejaculation. It makes the sympathetic nerves overwrought, lets out noxious stress hormones, and reduces the ability of parasympathetic nerves to control the ejaculation valve. When a person gets persistent stresses in his life, his condition gets downscale.
A man, who undergoes stressful situations regularly, should learn how to prevent them naturally. The stress and anxiety reduction allows a body to adapt to the tensive situations, relax and charge with new positive energy.
Premature ejaculation caused by stressed can be fixed by getting rid of all causes of stress.
Relieve yourself from extra workload. Get more rest at home or in nature.
Take a break from work for some time. If you cannot afford it, then find a healthy compromise between work and pleasurable time.
Have regular and enough time for sleep and rest. Eat healthy foods. Avoid alcohol. Do not use any illegal drugs.
Engage in regular physical activity such as running or jogging. Try yoga.
Communicate with your partner. Spend more time together. Find common ground, be open and frank with your partner.

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